NMRA MCR Division 10

Serving Central and Eastern Kentucky



We are Division 10 of the Mid-Central Region of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA). We strive to help our members enhance their enjoyment of the great hobby of Model Railroading through:

SKILLS: Through clinics at our monthly meetings, the Achievement Program or discussions with other members, new modeling skills can be learned or your techniques refined;

KNOWLEDGE: Railroad operation, practices and history is discussed at our meetings and at operating sessions on members' layouts.

FUN AND FRIENDSHIP: these are the objectives of all Division 10 activities: Meetings, tours, clinics, field trips, conventions, shows, auctions, door prizes, etc.

We usually meet at 1:30pm on the first Sunday of each month, with each meeting featuring a clinic or presentation on a topic of modeling or railroad interest, and concluding with a tour of a member's home layout.

Division 10 members actively model in scales from Z to 7.5 inch large scale, and have expertise in fields from electronics to operations, from scenery to history, 


Membership Trends

As of November 30, 2021, our membership is at 64.  

See the two year chart to the left.

Officers and Committee Chairs


Superintendent: Larry Smith, MMR

Asst. Superintendent: Cecil Hestand

Secretary : (Vacant)

Treasurer: Harold Weinberg


Bob Belt

Randy Coffman

John Gorman

Bill Robbins

Online Presence:

Facebook Editor: Brian Jones

Webmaster: Mark Underwood

Committee Chairs

Achievement Program: Larry Smith, MMR

Clinics & Tours: (Open)

Community Liaison: Bob Belt

Contributions: Harold Weinberg

Education: (Open)

Facebook Editor: Brian Jones

Industry Liaison: Thomas Bookout

Lantern Editor: Stew Winstandley

Member Database: Stew Winstandley

Member Profiles & Photography: (Open)

Membership: Lou Jaquith

Monthly Modeling: (Open)

Publicity / Communications: Brian Jones

Sales Support: John Gorman

Trains Day, T-Track: Bruce DeMaeyer

Webmaster: Mark Underwood


Division 10 is a 501C3 entity (Non-profit, Educational); your contributions may be tax deductible. Click the Donate button below to make a monetary donation on line or by mail,

To donate model railroad equipment send us an email with particulars.

Thank you for your support.

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