Officers and Committee Chairs

Larry Smith, MMR,Superintendent, Achievement Program Chair

Started model railroading at an early age playing with my brother's Lionel sets.  Then there was a long break until my wife let me buy an HO model train set.  I have been connected with trains ever since.   I retired from a data analysis job with Family and Children Services in Georgia.   Our grandchildren brought us to Kentucky.

Kelly Williams, Asst. Superintendent, Clinics & Tours Chair

A golf professional who manages Greenbrier Golf & Country Club in Lexington, KY, Kelly was searching for a winter hobby and always had an interest in model trains since his grandfather introduced him at a young age. With a son on the way in 2013, Kelly convinced his dad to expand beyond a 4’x8’ table layout to a larger HO layout in his dad’s basement. They spend their winters on the 79 sq. ft. modern era layout modeling Norfolk Southern in a Central Kentucky town and the Rupp RJ Corman Yard. They look forward to the third generation of the family transitioning from a spectator to a modeler in the years ahead. Kelly joined NMRA MCR Division 10 and volunteered for a leadership role in hopes of exposing the hobby to current and future generations. His focus is on expanding the club’s digital and virtual footprint through social media and promoting virtual layout tours on Youtube.

Harold Weinberg, Treasurer, Contributions, Member Profiles

My serious interest in model railroading dates back to 2014-15 when I attended the NMRA National Train Show in Cleveland OH and our Mid Central Region Convention. These events fortuitously coincided with my retirement from the faculty of the University of Kentucky College of Law.

Bruce DeMaeyer, Trains Day & T-TRAK Chair

A long time and widely varied telephone engineer, he retired from Ameritech Mobile and his own telecommunications consulting business (47 years of experience).  His current N scale basement layout is modeled from his love of the modern Class 1s of today's western railroading.  It is a multi-level, double main track, with a large double laddered classification/intermodal yard, a refinery plant ladder yard, and a grain plant ladder yard. A nine track double laddered staging track is on the lower level connected to the upper level with a 6 loop helix.  His layout is westernized with mountains, tunnels, river crossings, and big industries.  He has served Division 10 as the Chairman of the MCR 2015 Thoroughbred Unlimited Regional convention. He started modeling as a kid with a 1950 American Flyer steamer set around the christmas tree, and in his bedroom when his mom let him put it together for a short time. He introduced himself to n scale when he and his son build a 4x8 plywood layout of the C&NW commuter rail line.  Then more recently he built another 4 x 8 plywood layout for his grandkids.  From little acorns grow big oaks.  I love this stuff!

Bob Belt, Secretary, Community Liaison

Retired from the Air Force (Research & Development, Intelligence) and IBM (National Database Consultant). My HO garage layout theme is the transition era late '50s in the California foothills. It is unusual in that it is stored in a dust cover at the ceiling and lowered for operation and maintenance. The layout primary focus is on switching during monthly operation sessions. I’ve received 5 NMRA Achievement Awards and 10 Merit Awards since joining Division 10. I’ve also participated as a Regional Contest judge (team leader) in the last 4 MCR Conventions and serve on the Regional Contest and Nominations Committees. Currently Superintendent and have served Division 10 as the Assistant Superintendent from January 2013 to October 2016 and as the Clinic Chairman for the 2015 MCR Convention. Modeling is FUN! – And challenging – And the fellowship is great!!

Stew Winstandley, Lantern Editor, Member Database, Photographer

Stewis a retired computer programmer from The Jockey Club, but still programming part time. He has a five foot by three foot N scale cityscape. He formats and distributes the monthly newsletter, and is the Division 10 photographer.

Thomas Bookout, Industry Liaison

Thomasis building an HO layout in his home. Tom is also active in the Bluegrass Railroad Club, The Bluegrass Scenic Railroad and Museum, National Railway Historical Society and the Whitewater Valley Railroad.

Lou Jaquith, Membership Chair

Lou has an HO scale layout.

Tom Miller, Education Chair

Tom Miller, a retired university professor and author, practices the hobby in American Flyer S gauge.  He has served NMRA Division 10 as an officer,  editor of  the LANTERN, Div. 10 Education Chair and enjoys participating in OPS, Bring & Brag, "Southern Lights" and "Trains, Planes and Automobiles."  He is the recipient of the Golden Spike Award and the NMRA  Achievement Award  for Volunteerism

Tom is the NMRA Mid Central Regional Education Chair and has participated in the Boy Scouts of America, Model Railroading Merit Badge program and has provided educational programs on behalf of NMRA MCR Div 10  at the Arboretum  G Gauge Children's Railroad in Lexington Kentucky.

Bill Paulsell, MMR, Trustee

Bill,a retired minister and university president, has an HO layout in the basement. It was recently rebuilt from the benchwork up to enhance its operations potential, and Bill hosts a regular operations session. He is a Master Model Railroader. Bill also has a garden railroad in the back yard. Bill is a past Superintendent.

John Gorman, Trustee, Sales Support

John is a past Superintendant and is owner of Bluegrass Model Railway Supply.

Bill Robbins, Bring & Brag Chair

Billis a retired materials manager and has served Division 10 as Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent and Treasurer. He has a large HO layout based on the UP and hosts monthly operating sessions.

Fred Plymale, Trustee

Founding Superintendent. Has HO layout.

Brian Jones, Bring & Brag Chair, Publicity/Communications Chair,Facebook Editor

Mark Underwood, Webmaster

An Electrical Engineer by trade, Mark particularly enjoys the electronics and controls aspects of model railroading, including JMRI, DCC, and operations.  He is currently building an N scale spare-bedroom layout featuring modern industrial and yard operations.

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