Calendar and Events

NOTICE: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 virus situation, several upcoming Divison 10 events are canceled

Monthly meetings will be held online via Zoom.

See the Lantern for details on Zoom meetings 


Due to the COVID-19 situation, the following schedule changes are in effect:

  • The 2020 Mid-Central Regional Convention has been canceled.
  • All Tuesday Night events are canceled until further notice.
  • All Monthly meetings are canceled until further notice.
  • Operations nights are up to the individual host.

Upcoming Events

  • 10/4/20 1:30-3:30pm Monthly Meeting
    • Location: Online Via Zoom
    • Clinic: Results of Officer Elections
    • Bring & Brag: Diesel/Electric Locomotive Photo
  • 11/1/20 1:30-3:30pm Monthly Meeting
    • Location: Online Via Zoom
    • Clinic: TBD
    • Bring & Brag: Caboose Photo
  • 12/6/20 1:30-3:30pm Monthly Meeting
    • Location: Online Via Zoom
    • Clinic: TBD
    • Bring & Brag: Photos

Meetings and Events

Monthly Meetings

Monthly meetings are (usually) the 1st Sunday of each month at 1:30pm with Division business, a Clinic (or two), a Bring & Brag, and discussion.  After most meetings we have a tour of a member's layout.  Details and locations for meetings are published in the Lantern and on this page.

For privacy reasons, locations of member layout tours are not published on the website, but will be available in the Lantern and announced at the meeting.

Weekly Trains Night

Each week we have an informal gathering at a member's layout to help with projects, discuss model railroading, and enjoy some snacks.  Occasionally a member will put on a mini-clinic, but the atmosphere is centered around socializing and layout construction.

Trains night is a Division members only event.

Operating Sessions

Several members host monthly or quarterly operating sessions at their home layouts.  Some have limited attendance due to layout capacity.  Operating sessions are listed on the Division calendar but are private events. Contact the session host for more information.

Other Events

Throughout the year, the division sponsors other events such as summer picnics, Trains Day at the library, the Regional and National NMRA conventions, road trips to distant operating sessions, or participation in other railroad or model-related events nearby.  Watch the calendar for more details!

Library Locations

Beaumont Library

3080 Fieldstone Way, Lexington, KY

Eastside Library

3000 Blake James Dr., Lexington, KY

Tates Creek Library

3628 Walden Drive, Lexington, KY

Scott County Library

104 S Bradford Ln, Georgetown, KY

Regular Activities

Bring & Brag

An opportunity to share our modeling and photography. At each meeting we have a theme, and members bring their models or photographs to share with the group.  The group then votes for who gets "bragging rights."

Thoroughbred Limited 2015 MCR Convention

In 2015 Division 10 hosted the NMRA Mid-Central Regional Convention in Lexington, KY.  Click the logo to the right to see the Convention website, including clinic presentations, tour information, and more!

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